The higher-priority direction of Earth’s civilization development is the use of space to satisfy the demand of humankind for resources. At present, the leading spacefaring nations reverted to the idea of Moon exploration. Being the nearest celestial body to the Earth, the Moon is considered as a component part of future space infrastructure of solar system.

The lunar base whose resources will ensure development of humankind’s space activity in near and far space is one of the most global, costly, science-and-labor intensive projects which is due to be implemented by humankind in foreseeable future. The leading spacefaring nations like the USA, Europe, Japan, China, and Russia have already organized the works on designing and creating the lunar base components.

In their turn, Yuzhnoye SDO’s specialists have performed the works on conceptual designing of industrial-and-research lunar base. In the frameworks of conceptual design, the lunar base configuration has been formed, preliminary layout and infrastructure in different functioning phases, project implementation periods have been determined, as well as basic technical characteristics of the systems under development like space transport system for crew and cargo delivery to the Moon surface and for return to the Earth, type designs of lunar modules, vehicles for motion on the Moon surface, etc.

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