August 21, 2018

Corresponding member of the International Academy of Astronautics, former US Undersecretary of Defense Michael Yarymovych with his wife Roxolana visited Yuzhnoye SDO. Purpose of travel was to become acquainted with YSDO aerospace activities and discuss promising long-term cooperation.

Distinguished guests saw the video film about different space project of YSDO, met the leaders and specialists of the enterprise, visited its structural units and examined new equipment of the production and test areas.

– Today Ukraine is cooperating with the whole world, – mentioned Alexander Degtyarev, YSDO General Director, at the meeting.

General Director handed Michael Yarymovych the Yuzhnoye SDO honorary award as recognition of his services to the international and Ukrainian space science and technology.

Particular interest of the guests captured the spacecraft assembly hall currently under construction. It is in the field of satellites construction that Michael Yarymovych sees the great future for the Ukrainian-American cooperation.

Sharing his impressions of the visit, the scientist observed that he visited Dnepropetrovsk for the first time in distant 1992 and was pleasantly surprised by the changes that have taken place in the city and YSDO:

– Dnepr of today is a big, modern Ukrainian city. And here it possesses the great treasure, which is intellect. Roots, from which enormous tree can grow.

In addition to the Yuzhnoye SDO production units, guests also visited Lesnoy holiday hotel and Zvezdniy children’s holiday camp.

– We saw wonderful, very talented children, – told us Roxolana Yarymovych. – You are growing a worthy substitute. 

Guests left Dnepr to visit Kiev, where they were planning to take part in the Ukraine’s Independence Day celebrations.

Reference: Michael Yarymovych is an American Aerospace Scientist. Hi is of Ukrainian origin (his ancestors descend from Ternopil’ region). Education: New York University and Columbia University. Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, foreign member of the Ukraine’s NAS, active member of the International Academy of Astronautics, President of IAA between 1991-1997. Author of numerous publications on aerodynamics and space technologies.  He was posted as Director of the NATO Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development, he served as the Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force. Had several responsible positions with the NASA Headquarters Manned Space Flight program involved with the Apollo lunar landing effort and initial definition studies of the Space Station and the Space Shuttle. Later moved to the Air Force as Technical Director of the Air Force Manned Orbital Laboratory, served as the Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force and was responsible for many projects including GPS. Was one of the active advocates of the SDI project (Strategic Defense Initiative). Cooperates fruitfully with his ancestral homeland. He was involved in realization of the Sea Launch international project, which launched Zenit LV- Ukrainian Yuzhnoye-developed launcher.