July 18, 2018

On 18 July, at the meeting the leaders of Yuzhnoye SDO and National Technical University Dnipro Polytechnic signed an agreement on scientific, technical and educational cooperation. It should be noted that this is the third agreement on business partnership and joint development of scientific and technical potential made between Yuzhnoye SDO and representatives from scientific and educational organizations of Ukraine over the last several months.

The future cooperation includes several areas. It is planned to conduct joint research in the early design stage to determine the preliminary cost of the ground complex facilities as well as to investigate the optimization of power supply systems for the ground complexes, to consider the possibility of building a laboratory for studying the hardware and software platforms along with joint training of personnel on development and design of automated control systems. Special attention on the meeting was paid to the issue of training skilled workers for YSDO by the University; Alexander Degtyarev, General Director of Yuzhnoye SDO, noted that in recent years the majority of the company's young specialists were DNU and KhAI graduates. However, the developing market sets new tasks that need specialists in different areas.

"The treaty marks our cooperation in personnel training on development and design of automated control system. However, the meeting makes it clear that there may be other interesting points of contact. We are ready for the mutually beneficial cooperation," said Alexander Degtyarev.

Gennadiy Pivnyak, Rector of NTU Dnipro Polytechnic, expressed the obvious interest in partnership with YSDO: "The aim of our university is to train needed specialists. Cooperation with Yuzhnoye State Design Office will allow our best students to work on the real-world applied problems in process of training and improve their professional value considerably".

Signing of the agreement is the start of joint work between the parts; and the specific steps for its implementation are to be discussed in the round-table format in the near future.

At the agreement signing ceremony, Yuzhnoye SDO was represented by Alexander Degtyarev, General Director, Viktor Tkachenko, Deputy General Director for Personnel, Communication and Social Policy, Olexandr Kashanov, Deputy General Designer for Research and Academic Activities, Olexandr Novykov, Deputy General Director and Head of Aerospace Educational Center, Vitaly Balashov, Head of complex 11, Sergii Davydenko, Head of complex 5.

The delegation of NTU Dnipro Polytechnic included Gennadiy Pivnyak, Rector, Oleksandr Beshta, Vice-Rector on Science, Mikhail Alekseev, Dean of Faculty of Information Technologies, Valerii Kornienko, Head of Department of Information Security and Telecommunications, Victor Tkachev, Head of Department of Automation, Vladimir Slesarev, Head of Department of System Analysis and Control, Sergey Gapieiev, Head of Department of Construction.