Name Title
Alexander DEGTYAREV General Director
Mikhail BONDAR` Chief Engineer – First Deputy General Director
Alexander MASHCHENKO First Deputy General Designer – General Director for Organization and Technical Support
Olexandr KAMYSHOV First Deputy General Designer – General Director for Business Issues – Chief Economist
Alexander KUSHNAR`OV First Deputy General Designer – General Director System Design
Victor TKACHENKO Deputy General Director for Personnel, Communication and Social Policy
Dmytro POZDNIAKOV Deputy General Director
Foreign Economic Activity
Oleg KUZHMAN Deputy General Director for General Affairs


Deputy General Designer for Design Engineering and Supervision – Chief Designer and Head of Rocket & Missiles Design Documentation Management

Alexander MAKAROV

Deputy General Designer for Development and Operation of Spacecraft, Satellite Systems, Instrumentation and Information-Management Systems of Space and Ground Segments
Anatoliy AGARKOV Deputy General Designer, Flight Development Tests and Flight Operations
Gennadiy POLYAKOV Deputy General Designer, Information Resources Management – Head of Information, Analytical and Document Resources
Olexandr KASHANOV Deputy General Designer for Research & Academic Activities
Sergey SHTYRHUN Deputy General Director
for Capital Construction, Repair and Operation, Head of Arhitectural Objects Designing, Rapair Operations and Capital Construction Centre
Maksym DEHTIAROV Chief Designer and Head of Launch Vehicles & Sites System Engineering

Kostiantyn BILOUSOV

Acting Chief Designer – Head of Spacecraft, Measuring Systems and Telecommunications

Chief Designer and Head of Rocket Propulsion Systems

Anatoly KIRICHENKO Chief Designer – Head of Design Office for Solid-Propellant Rocket Engines Development
Igor BABYCH Chief Designer – Head of Actuators, Instruments & Mechanisms
Igor SNIEGIROV Pilot Production Director 
Sergiy BUT Assistant General Director for Security – Chief Security Officer
Oleksander TIUKAVKIN Head of Research and Development Test Center
Yevgeny BARANOV Deputy Chief Designer and Deputy Head of Rocket & Space Launch Systems System Engineering – Head of Missile & Space Launch Systems Design
Vladimir SIRENKO

Deputy Chief Designer of Rocket & Space Launch Systems System Engineering – Head of Ballistics, Aerodynamics & Heat/Mass Transfer

Victor FEDOROV Deputy Head of Research & Development Support – Head of Missiles & Launch Vehicles Structural Analyses & Tests
Sergii DAVYDENKO Head of Missile & Space Launch System Development, Management, Tests and Operations

Head of Pilot Production Facility

Pavel DEGTIARENKO Deputy Head of Research & Development Support – Head of Liquid Propulsion & Feed Systems Tests
Alexander POTAPOV Head of New Materials & Advanced Technologies
Dmytro TYLYK First head of Management, Planning, Performance analysis, Computer engineering and Financial accountability Division – Deputy Chief Economist
Vitaly BALASHOV Head of Space Launch System ground-based infrastructure development.
Sergey RUDENKO Chief Power Engineer - Head of Power Division  
Stanislav US

Chief Program Manager

Galina KONYUKHOVA Accounting Manager
Anatoliy TRUBIN Head of Computer-Aided Technologies
Denys VYEDYENYEYEV Head of Division, International Cooperation
Viktor FROLOV Deputy Chief Designer for Rocket & Space Launch Systems Engineering – Head of Design Division for Launch System & Space Launch System Ground Complexes Development and Construction


Deputy Chief Designer of Design Office for Rocket & Space Launch Systems System Engineering – Head of Division for Space Launch Systems Instruments & Mechanisms

Vladyslav REVVA Head of Export Control
Oleksandr BALDIN Director of Personnel & Human Resources and Communal Service Department
Oleg MOROZOV Deputy Chief Engineer – Head of Division for Research Efforts Development & Testing Support.
Olexandr NOVYKOV Head of Aerospace Educational Center
Oleg VENTSKOVSKY Head of European Representative Office of the Yuzhnoye SDO in Brussels (Belgium)
Oleksandr PANCHENKO Head of Supply Service
Nikolay MITRAHOV Head of Representative Office of the Yuzhnoye SDO in Kiev
Nikolay DZUBA Head of subsidiary «Lesnoy» vacation hotel
Vyacheslav ZHYTSKIY Head of subsidiary «Sokol» vacation hotel
Konstantin VOYTSEKHOV Head of subsidiary «Zvezdnyy» children's health camp