Space Technology Development

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  • November 30, 1957


    On October 4, 1957, the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite heralded the beginning of the space age

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  • January 10, 1959

    MC R-12

    Two types of missile complexes were developed: open-launch R-12 and silo-based R-12U. 

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  • January 14, 1961

    MC R-14

    The R-14 missile was the first to use a gyro-stabilized platform in the autonomous guidance and control system

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  • January 01, 1962

    MC R-16

    The main innovation was the use of swiveling chambers of the steering engines as controls.

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  • January 01, 1963

    MC R-36

    In 1963 – 1966, 85 launches were conducted under the flight development test program, 83% of them successful. 

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  • August 18, 1964


    The first Kosmos-2 was launched on August 18, 1964

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  • August 06, 1969


    Yuzhnoye designed the Cyclone-2 based on the 8K69 missile

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  • November 24, 1970


    Block E was designed as a part of the N1-L3 (11A52)

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  • January 01, 1975

    MC MR-UR100

    For the first time in history of the national rocket production, the MR-UR100 missile complexes used the Meridian

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  • November 01, 1976

    MC R-36M

    For the first time in world practice, the mortar launch was developed and implemented for a heavy liquid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

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  • June 24, 1977


    The Cyclone-3 delivers spacecraft weighing up to 4000 kg into low and medium circular and elliptical orbits.

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  • April 13, 1985


    The Zenit-2 launch vehicle marked the beginning of development and successful operation of the Zenit family

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  • January 01, 1986

    MC 15PO11

    The missile was derived from the 15А16 missile by adding a special-purpose telecommunication nose cone with a high-performance radio transmitter

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  • February 11, 1989

    MC R-36М2

    One of the basic advantages of the missile complex is a capability to launch missiles on warning (second-strike capability) when faced with surface and high-altitude detonations.

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  • August 09, 2007

    MC RT-23

    A highly effective and reliable missile complex 15PO60 combined the work done to develop three previous missile generations with some new engineering achievements.

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