The RD843 engine generates thrust and provides two-axis flight control of launch vehicle upper stages and booster stages.

The RD843 is a single-chamber engine with a pressure-fed supply system of hypergolic propellants.

The engine gimbaling in two mutually perpendicular planes provides thrust vector control. The engine is capable of multiple (up to 5) burns in flight.

The engine starts and cuts off by the control system, commanding oxidizer and fuel electrohydraulic valves.

The RD843 ground test campaign included 74 tests, 140 ignitions, reaching a total of 8201 s, which is approximately 12 service lives on 4 engines. In 2012-2015, the engine successfully passed 6 flight tests onboard lightweight launch vehicles.

Basic Specifications

Engine mass, kg






Nitrogen tetroxide

Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine

Vacuum thrust, kgf


Vacuum specific impulse, s


Propellant mixture ratio


Gimbal angle, ang. deg


Running time in flight, s

Up to 700