Yuzhnoye offers an effective and safe system of anti-asteroid protection that allows elimination or significant reduction of a hazard of the Earth impact by large asteroids.

This system is designed to deflect an asteroid from a dangerous to the Earth motion trajectory. It can be applied at a distance from the Earth of about 10 000 000 - 100 000 000 km. The technical essence of the project consists in injection into interception trajectories of special modules flying at head-on courses. The specific feature of the proposed anti-asteroid modules is in that they do not utilize the components of an atomic fuse applied in hydrogen bombs, and, therefore, no radioactive elements are present in the products of explosion. In the proposed system, initiation of the explosion reaction of hydrogen synthesis is provided at a meeting point of cumulative jets that are formed during collision with an asteroid at relative velocity of about 100 km/s. The anti-asteroid space-rocketry complexes, which realize the above described principle, can be developed already with the current level of technological evolution.

The particular attraction of this system consists in the fact that under no circumstances it cannot be used for military applications within Earth environment, in particular by terrorists, which is especially important in to-day's world.