The strength test facility incorporates unique loading equipment for static, vibration, lifetime, transportation (bench and full-scale), fatigue (tension, compression, bending) and other tests of space and non-space products. The test facility also includes data systems for measurements acquisition and processing as well as for test control.

The test facility supports the following types of tests:

Static loading with a combination of loads

  • From several to 50 000 kN
  • Manual and automatic mode
  • Size: 30х10х18 m

Definition of mechanical characteristics of materials - up to 2000 kN

Burst tests

  • Up to 60.0 MPa. Working medium: water
  • 40 MPa. Working medium: hydraulic oil

Collapse tests by degassing - rarefaction up to 0. 01 MPa

Cyclic loading

  • Up to 2 000 kN
  • By internal pressure

Harmonic loading of railway rolling stock - Weight up to 150 tons on railway lines, including field tests with explosive and inflammable cargo

Experimental investigation of structural response

  • Weight up to 60 000 kg
  • Size 3х3х20 m
  • Frequency band up to 2 000 Hz.

Transportation tests of structures and motor vehicles

  • Size 4?5?25 m
  • Weight up to 200 000 kg
  • Frequency band 0 to 100 Hz
  • Force up to 2000 kN.

Measurement and test analysis during full-scale transportation tests using an automated measurement system

  • 256 parameters
  • Located in a mobile laboratory (research car)
  • Set of small gear for accommodation in mobile objects

Deformation, force, and displacement measurement, processing, and analysis during static tests

  • Displacement of 3 to 700 mm
  • Force of 0 to 5 000 kN
  • Deformations: within elastic range
  • Rotation angles. 

Bench 136-2000 pneumatic support

Cyclic test facility

Tests of wind-driven power plant support prototype in Bay #2

Test unit EU 100; Т=1000 kN

Tank container static tests

Transportation test bench for railway rolling stock field tests

Passenger car body in preparation for tests at Bench 136-2000

Nuclear power plant gate valve, dу=200, in preparation for seismic resistance tests at Bench 137-2841

Hydraulic press

Zenit-2 payload fairing in preparation for tests at Bench 136-2000