June 23, 2017

Yuzhnoye SDO team is excited by the news that according to the decision of the Civil Service Executive Personnel Commission – Pavlo Degtiarenko, Yuzhnoye SDO Head of Design Division was nominated for the position of the Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

The outcome of the competitive examination gives our team high confidence in the consistent and rapid development of the aerospace industry in Ukraine.


It is also very important that the competition for the position of the Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine was open, transparent and non-biased and that the person nominated for such senior position is highly professional and combines all the merits that distinguish a top-ranked manager – designer of space rocketry, specialist with analytical skills and vision for the future of the aerospace industry,  internationally acclaimed researcher ready to take responsibility for the preservation and further development of aerospace potential in Ukraine. Yuzhnoye SDO team is inspired by this event and together with cooperation of other aerospace companies is ready to support positive initiatives of the new Head of the aerospace industry in Ukraine.


Yuzhnoye SDO very much appreciates the professionalism, credibility, statesmanlike and unbiased approach of all members of the Commission when making this crucial decision.


With confidence in the future of the Ukrainian space industry!



Yuzhnoye SDO team!